Competency Management


Competency Management

Egnatium Competency™ is an end to end solution helping you to establish and use a competency framework in your organisation. Like all the other Egnatium SCALE solution packages, this package is designed to give you peace of mind by including:


Consulting and Coaching Modules


Learning and Development Modules


Egnatium Competency™ Software

This package helps reduce your operating cost in many ways. Here are some of the benefits our clients have seen when using this:

  • Eliminating or reducing the mismatch between skills required by the organisation and those available within the employee
  • Reduction in costly hiring mistakes
  • Reduction in selecting wrong talents, leading to expensive training courses
  • Prevention of employees with the wrong competency from being promoted to leadership roles.

You can customise your competency assessment based on your strategic plan, company mission, and nature of your business. Our competency management package comes with a complete library full of resources for different industries. You don’t have to invest millions into your business to customise company assessments; it’s as easy as selecting food from an all-you-can-eat buffet!

To get a complete view of the Egnatium Competency™, you can visit the full website or download the Egnatium Competency™ flyer here.

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We implemented SCALE suite of solution in our company and within six month of implementation we saved twice the amount we invested and our productivity increase by 27% for 1st year. Thank you Engatium!

Victor Hii

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