Appraisal Management


Appraisal Management

Egnatium Appraisal™ package immediately improves your top and bottom line as it addresses employee performance. This is a crucial aspect of your business as it directly affects the way your organisation performs as a whole. 

You don’t need to struggle with setting policies or KPIs – or even training your supervisors to conduct employee appraisals for the first time. Our performance management package gives you everything you need, all in one place.

This includes: 


Consulting and Coaching Modules


Learning and Development Modules


Egnatium Appraisal Software

The Egnatium Appraisal™ package focuses on making employees responsible for their performance. They are empowered to work on their personal performance, which results in a more productive organisation. 

With the Egnatium Appraisal™ package, you can dramatically lower the operating costs of human resources in your business. This package connects with the following:

  • Competency assessment and learning needs analysis
  •  Communications with supervisors and employees
  •  Talent management
  •  Talent assessment

Instead of needing someone to do all of these things individually, it’s all automated by our performance management software!

You can download our Egnatium Appraisal™ package brochure or visit the package website today to find out how you can benefit from this package.

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We implemented SCALE suite of solution in our company and within six month of implementation we saved twice the amount we invested and our productivity increase by 27% for 1st year. Thank you Engatium!

Victor Hii

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